10 Tips to Prevent Health Issues from Affecting Your Goals

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  More and more people are being affected in their daily life with health issues. Some are things like allergies or sinus issues regularly due to pollen or seasonal changes and others have major illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer. … Continued

Priorities to A Balancing Act

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  If you have gone to the circus at all you have seen the clown that has the plates spinning on various poles. He starts with one, and then slowly begins adding until he has six or more of these … Continued

Steps to Prioritize Your Calendar and Time

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    I don’t know about you but life is hectic even on the best of days. Juggling your family, your job, sports events, church events, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, vacations, camp, daycare, meals, house repairs and needs, health and even … Continued

How to Overcome Resistance that Steals Your Focus

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  The challenges of life are constantly pushing you to change your focus. This past week in our household there has been a lot of additional stress and change of focus due to family issues. Some of it was a … Continued

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