About Me


My name is Lisa Ballan and I have been married to the same wonderful man now for 31 years. I have one beautiful daughter that is now 26 years old. We live in a small town in southern Nevada.


I was born in West Virginia and have two younger brothers, and our parents got divorced when I was twelve. My mother decided to try for a job in southern Nevada and so we packed up and left West Virginia on my sixteenth birthday and arrived just four days later on my mother’s birthday.


My junior year I went to a brand new school and had to start all over making friends in this new place. My mother found us a church home right away and we went every time the doors were open. That allowed me to make some friends my own age in the youth group and find others with similar interests in music.


I played in the high school band and got involved in singing in the youth and adult choir at church. I also got a job at a moving company after school on weekdays and then worked at a computer store on weekends answering the phone and learning about computers.


I met my husband at the computer store along with several other friends from church that also worked in the same store. It allowed me to come out of my shyness just a bit having to answer phones and talk to customers.


In my senior year after attending youth group functions and all of us hanging out together on weekends, it became a habit that I would be picked up by one person, and left for my husband to drive me home. Our friends were doing a little match making of their own.


My husband decided to come to church after much prompting by his co-workers and my mother met him that particular Sunday. I was off dealing with a band trip competition so wasn’t in attendance that day. My mother came home from church and awaited my return to announce that she had met the man I was going to marry. I’m not sure how you would react but I ran hard and fast the other way. (My poor husband.)


Becoming best friends with my husband allowed me to fall in love with him once I saw how generous and caring he was, without listening to my mother’s prompting. I got engaged that summer after my graduating year as a senior and then married the spring of the next year.


My husband taught me about computers and that allowed me better job opportunities until I ended up in graphic design. I had the privilege of working for a game company and a printing company that taught me a great deal about design, following passions and building something for the future.


After becoming pregnant, with our daughter, it became important to me to be home with her while she was young and after school, so I started taking on freelance design work and began my own design company. I’ve been a graphic designer for 25 years.


In 2003 my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that caused him to become medically retired (disabled) and unable to work any longer. Our family had a new challenge to face and a husband and father to help get through some difficult times.


During my life as a mom, wife and designer I have also learned that I have other passions in my life that were becoming more and more something I wanted to pursue, such as photography and writing.


My photography website www.purrfectimages.com (link photography above) is one aspect of my life that I love and will continue to explore. My writing is a new venture that I started in the fall of 2014 with a blog on my photography site. After a few months of doing the blog each week I realized I loved writing. I wanted to explore the possibility of writing and see where this journey would take me.


This site is part of that realization of being a writer. I already write two columns for a magazine each month that reach 12,000 people in the transportation industry. With some soul searching I decided since I enjoy romance and mystery novels that I should write about something that holds an interest for me.


Why now at this point in my life am I writing? I’m writing with a desire to share and plant seeds of God’s love for you. That having faith in him will help you overcome the challenges that we all go through in life. I want to share the hope, inspiration and love that He has for all of us with you. I also wanted to write Christian Romance that was based on real life issues.


I hope my writing shares with you the humor in things, the sadness in things, the faith or belief in things, how to love unconditionally, adapt to loss and illness, gain strength in friendship or love, overcome adversity, shoot past your fears and how having faith in a loving God will help you get through it all.


My journey is just beginning, however, I have plans to write a few series of books in Inspirational Romance, but also in areas that can help people in other ways, like health, finances, encouragement, and leadership. The possibilities are endless as to where my writing journey will take me, but it is all by God’s direction.


My blog posts will deal with a range of topics like health, faith, writing, encouragement, photography, animals, family, finances, mentorships, leadership, being positive, experiences, travel and so much more. I hope you will join my journey, look forward to my weekly blog posts and the various books that will be launched. Not to mention a few free giveaways now and then too.


I thank you for taking the time to read about me and I look forward to your comments on my blog posts.


Have a blessed day!