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Jul 06



When you decide to pursue a dream and set a goal to begin, the first step is typically the hardest. It’s in that very moment that you will either make an excuse to not start due to fears or proceed forward no matter the negative thoughts going through your mind because you want to accomplish it that badly. These choices are just delayed but others are never achieved at all.


Let’s use dieting as an example since many of us have tried one type or another in the course of our life. When you decide to start on a diet plan or lifestyle change, you read the books, you plan your meals, you go shopping for what you need and you may even get some new shoes or clothes for those workouts you intend to do. You have chosen to start on a Monday and you are ready to go. Sunday however is the day you eat all the things you think you have to give up to be on this diet.


Monday morning comes around and something happens, could be something like you overslept and now you don’t have time to pack your lunch for work or eat the breakfast that takes a little bit to make, so you end up saying I’ll start it tomorrow. When you are at this point you haven’t truly committed to doing this diet plan in the first place. Yes, you took the steps to start but you didn’t actually start. You could have prepared your lunch the night before and done prep work for breakfast then too. Your mind wasn’t into it even though you might have been prepared to begin. Not to mention you added extra pounds by eating all the things you can’t have on this new plan.


Then there are those that do all that planning, they are ready to start and as soon as they get the items they begin the very next day, and sometimes, the same day. They are driven to start, they want the results, they aren’t going to make an excuse, and they are going to do what is necessary and begin. Perhaps they had a little more push to want to do this by test results, not feeling well, being in massive pain or there is a wedding or reunion around the corner.  They have a motivation to help them get started and it doesn’t stop them from doing so.


The keys to take that first step:

1. Face any fears you may have

2. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses

3. Be prepared and have a plan

4. Become accountable to someone else

5. Get encouragement from those close to you

6. Focus on the goal with what you need to do to achieve it

7. Be positive and surround yourself with others who are

8. Believe in yourself




You may still come up with a reason to not take that first step, but you have to ask yourself what are you afraid will happen if you do? The negative stories we tell ourselves are far worse than what really happens. Tell yourself a new story and take that first step.


Have a blessed week!


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Terey July 6, 2016

This is the truth for sure!

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