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Jan 24

Overwhelmed and Excited? Excited and Overwhelmed?

When you get close to completing a goal two things seem to happen to you. You grow increasingly excited the closer it gets to becoming a reality, and the last minute items you have to accomplish to make it happen overwhelm you at the same time. That would be my current state of emotions.

It feels like I’m riding a wave and I keep falling off the board before I can get back to the beach and then I have to paddle back out to catch another one in hopes to make it to the beach this time. Each wave hits with varying degrees of strength causing me wobble on the board and then at other times to fall off the board. Yet, no matter how hard I try I get knocked off before I can glide into the beach feeling satisfied and accomplished by meeting the goal.

That’s how the last year has been for me. A constant wave hitting me to keep me from reaching my goal. Some were side swipes to turn me in different directions and others knocked me into the water and made me sink for a short time until I could get my bearings and fight back up towards the sun. Some journeys are smooth and some knock you around with resistance at a constant pace making you wonder if you are doing the right thing.

Then a blessing happens and you share your dream with someone else and they’re filled with hope and encouragement at a time in their own life they needed it most. That happened for me. Someone I allowed to read my book came back to tell me that the book opened their eyes as to the depression and hopelessness they were feeling. Her family became worried about her as she wasn’t interested in life until reading the words I wrote in my book. Now, she’s happy and thriving and her family notices the difference in her.

All the struggles you go through to make that dream come to life becomes worth it when you hear someone tell you their story and how you touched and helped their life. It’s fulfilling to know the story you’ve been given is able to help others and impact lives. If I had not listened to the calling to write, then that book wouldn’t have gotten into her hands to read and her life could be far different right now. She may not even be living without that tool.

Your story impacts others lives. Your dreams and goals are meant for others to help them along their journey through life. It could be hope, something that inspires them to move on with their own desires, heal a wound, open a door, allow forgiveness, mend a family, provide encouragement through difficult times, or just show them love.

If you have a dream inside of you, what is holding you back from achieving it? How many other people could enjoy hearing your story? You’re made by God and your purpose is to share your story so that others may hear it. How you share it could be through cooking, decorating, photography, art, writing, cleaning, singing or using any numerous talents given. Each are tools to touch another persons life and make it better.



Don’t you think it’s time you share your story?

1. Make a Decision – Do the one thing you are most passionate about and do it. It starts with the decision and blossoms from that point.

2. Tell someone you trust and that can hold you accountable so you push through those waves that knock you from your board.

3. Create It – Create in the area you want to go. You need a product before you can share it with others.

4. Develop a plan on how to share it.

5. Take Action – Do something every week out of your comfort zone to make it happen.  It will be worth it.

6. Give back to those that have helped you along your journey, whether its family, a spouse, best friend or a group of other people. Share your excitement, encourage them through their dreams and be a light of hope.

As you know my dream is coming out on February 6, 2018 with my first book A Forever Love. It’s been a true journey of learning, work and love to make it happen. On January 30th I will send all of you a copy of the first chapter to this book to your inbox. If you would like others to receive it ask them to join my reader’s group before next Tuesday so they too receive it. (They can go to the bottom of this blog post to sign up.)



Thank you for sticking by me as I struggled through my journey to my goal. You have read my blogs, commented, left me messages, found me on social media and asked about the book. That help keep me going when times were rocky.

Leave a comment below if you have accomplished a dream and how it made you feel when you got to the beach after riding that wave. I would love to read it.





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Thank you!

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Terey January 24, 2018

That was fantastic im glad things are going well for you ..
I would like to get your book when it comes out and the first chapter

    admin3Ps January 26, 2018

    You are on my email list so you will automatically get the first chapter next week. Use the link in your email if you want to be part of the launch team for the book.

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