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Jun 08



…Do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13


We are told so often that we can’t. From the time we are a child and all through our teenage years through our adult life. It can be defeating to hear this one phrase over and over throughout your life. It makes you think any dream you may have won’t be possible just because of the negative talk we have had pounded on us from the time we are small children. Some things are for your safety but the rest of the time it’s fear. Other people in your life not getting their own dreams are speaking to you and providing that negative feedback because they live in fear and won’t go after or accept that they have given up.


What is it that you keep telling yourself that you can’t do? Do you wish to be a writer, photographer, chef, artist, business owner, dressmaker, swimmer, traveler, spouse, or mother? What is the most outrageous thing you have ever thought of as a dream that you wanted to do? Why can’t you do it? Is it now the constant reinforcement of being told you can’t or is it age or just fear and lack of belief?


Anything is possible. Nothing is impossible. You CAN do ALL things. It doesn’t take just saying it once; it’s going to take saying it repeatedly. It’s going to take believing in that one thing so much that nothing will ever stop you. It’s going to take passion, goals, facing fears, and a desire so great that you won’t let the words of others stop you. It’s going to take not caring what others think of your dreams too.


For me it takes one additional thing. It takes having Christ in my life as my savior and believing that HE can do ALL things and He gives me strength to do them. You are never to young or to old to do any dream. It takes acknowledging that dream, turning it into a goal, creating a plan, and taking action on that plan to make it happen. It takes prayer and a close walk with God to make sure you are listening to Him also.


It does not matter what you did in school, how good or bad you were at any subject. It takes a true passion and desire to want to make that dream come true. It is going to take work and anyone that tells you it’s easy isn’t being truthful with you. Everything worth having in life is worth the hard work it takes to bring it to fruition. Hard work a statement left out when people talk about chasing dreams. It’s not a hand out, it’s not people doing it for you, and it’s determination and intense work to make it happen.


You will have failures, but as long as you learned from it, get back up and keep going you are at least heading in the right direction. You will have times of challenges as we all have those. Some will be more than others but keep moving forward as you will get there. If you failed you are at least doing and in taking action you are moving forward towards those very dreams you want.


If you are looking at a dream that scares you to death then you need to seek out God’s help and take this very verse and start believing it, as He will help you achieve it. All you have to do is believe in Him, accept Him and He will help you do ALL things and give you strength. You also need to take that very fear and make it the top of your list to accomplish. Once you face a fear it is no longer holding you back from the very thing that is important to you. Make it a point to face those fears head on and without hesitation.


Take the time to search your soul this day and see what it is that you fear, what you believe and what you need in your life to make your dreams happen. God is there for you and His Son, Jesus Christ, will give you the strength you need to get through any challenge even when they turn out differently than you wanted.


The only thing the words “I Can’t” has managed to accomplish through your life is hold you back in every area that God wants to use you. Those dreams are there for a reason. You have a special story to tell and it needs to be heard. You are the only one that can tell it. 


You will struggle, there are days that you wonder why things are happening to you and then there are days you are overfilled with such blessings that you want to tell the world. You are His child deserving of all blessings that are ready to come your way. You just have to accept Him and those things will come to you. Quit hesitating and just start, quit doubting and just believe, quit making excuses and just take action. Your life of purpose is waiting for you to take action. YOU can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength. Let God set you free to accomplish those dreams and be who He wants you to be.


There is no better time than now to realize that God sent His Son to this world, to take on your sins and die for you so that you can be free to believe and achieve His purpose in your life. That type of love is unconditional. All you have to do is accept God into your life. When people tell you to pray to Him and accept Him that seems overwhelming sometimes. Just talk to God as if He is sitting next to you, and tell Him you want Him in your life, that you want His purpose to come true in what you do each day. You want His help with overcoming fears and doubts and that you want to tell your story to the world.




He will give you the strength to get through every day, no matter your situation and how you are struggling. Believe in this verse and change your life forever. YOU can do ALL things through Christ who gives YOU strength. You are important to God, let him guide you through your life and start today. Two little words can make all the difference in what you can accomplish in your life. “I can’t” or “I can,” which one will you choose to listen to today? I choose, I can, because it takes it in the bible that Jesus Christ will give me the strength to do so. What greater power can you have helping you get through every day; every hour and every minute to help you tell your story to the world?


I know this post is different from my usual but I felt strongly that someone that reads my blogs or sees them on social media needed to hear this today. Maybe someone that knows this needed a reminder. I believe in this verse strongly and it gets me through the challenging times in my life because I believe in God. You too can have this type of belief, unconditional love and sense of purpose for your life. Please leave a comment if this spoke to you and share it with others that you feel needs to hear it.


Thank you for reading. Have a blessed week!


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Terey June 8, 2016

Loved this blog thank you!!

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