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Oct 21

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I have spoken to several people in recent weeks that have told me about the various twist and turns going on in their lives. I would have to agree that many have hit my own life in the last several months. These untimely challenges seem to zap your energy, keep you stressed out and running on a new day to day uncertainty.


What kind of twist and turns do I refer to here? Loss of job, loss of a loved one, health issues, high debt, repairs or car trouble, expensive items breaking and or needing repair, cutting back of hours, medical bills or copays, insurance cost increasing, and so much more. How do you cope with this day in and day out?


I personally have had some health issues that can’t be ignored and must be dealt with to prevent things from getting worse. My daughter and husband both have health issues as well, my husband has Multiple Sclerosis and my daughter is going blind in one eye. It can be tough when one person in your family gets ill but when you are hit with several people at once the stress just seems to rise and make you snap at those you love and wish to help the most.


Here are some ways to get through the more difficult times of life so you can handle those twists and turns that jolt your life into a direction you aren’t prepared.


1. I believe in God, so I go to Him in prayer. I acknowledge him as my God, confess my sins to him, thank him for the blessings in my life, then ask for what is most affecting my life and causing my family stress.


2. I read God’s word daily. I not only read my daily devotionals but I also will look up topics and read about them or will take one book and start at the beginning and read to the end so that I may understand, be closer to God and seek out wisdom to help me through difficult times.


3. I journal. Take time when you can be alone and all is quiet to write out what is going on in your life. Write how you are feeling, what is stressing you, details of the stresses in your life and see if new thoughts come to mind of things to do to make things better.


4. Talk to a friend. Sometimes sharing what is going on with someone else will help you to release some of the stress because you told someone rather than keeping it to yourself. They also can suggest things with fresh eyes because they aren’t going through what you are and can see things you might not be able to see being so close to the events taking place.


5. Ask for prayer from others. Praying yourself about your troubles is always good but having others also pray helps you and them. They get to pray to God for someone they care about and wish to help and they also may receive a blessing in some way for doing so. They too might receive insights to help you with your situation.


6. Get a second opinion. In most cases when given a diagnosis from a doctor or even a car repair man you should go get a second opinion. Not only are you seeking out better advice when it comes to the cost of something but you are also making sure that the diagnosis is correct. When I took my daughter to see a different doctor for a second opinion she was told she had other options over surgery to consider. The first doctor went straight to surgery. You need to be sure and feel comfortable with the information you are receiving and the options available to you.


The twist and turns in life is what makes it interesting. Some of them I’d like to decide upon myself, like a family vacation, a cruise, or visiting family back east. When it comes to repairs, health issues or even a loss of someone you love, you have to deal with it the best way for you. Some of us get angry and have to vent for a bit in order to finally calm and move on. Others are quiet and just need to focus on the positive things in life over the negative ones. It doesn’t matter what it is we all have things going on and we all deal with them differently.




Before judging someone else for what you see, think to yourself, what don’t I see? The twist and turns of life can be hard for some and easy for others, no matter what we all have challenges of some type. How we handle them and move on with the important things is what defines us as a person.


The next unexpected twist or turn try these methods to give you wisdom, knowledge on how to handle it and an attitude that overcomes.


Please share or leave a comment on how you handle the twist and turns of life.


Have a blessed day!




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Terey October 21, 2015

Love this! You brighten my day Lisa thank you,

    Lisa October 27, 2015

    Thank you for letting me know you enjoy my blog. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

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