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As a new writer of novels it has become a mantra that I need to write at least 500 words daily. I also need to tell myself I am a writer and I need to create a schedule to stick to so that I can write every single day. This routine and mantra is new to me and there are days that I find I can pump out a considerable larger amount of words than the 500. When I hit 500 words do I stop? Of course not, that would make it harder to reach my goal of 90,000 words for a novel.

We all have passions and we all have a mantra of some sort that we try to stick to in order to do that creative devotion. What happens when you find your excitement to write on a particular day is not available to draw upon? Do you sit back and say I will write when I’m feeling that creative flow? When the mood hits me I’ll write again?

Did you really want to get anything done towards your passion? If so, then you can’t listen to yourself on those particular days and you must, let me repeat that, you must, go do that passion anyway. There is no greater procrastination technique as to tell you I’m not feeling that creative today.

There are some things you can do to help get you into the groove of your passion. If you are a writer like myself you can do an exercise and write something abstract like ‘my worst hair day experience’, ‘my best dessert I’ve ever made’ and if you are an artist you can doodle out something from each letter of the alphabet to get you into the mood to draw, if you are a chef you can take some of your favorite flavors and see if you can create something new from them just for yourself and from that you are in the mood to do the very thing you didn’t feel like doing at all that day.

Some other things I do to help me is to create a schedule as mentioned before and I plan everything else around my writing date with myself. I consider it an appointment with a client and the client is no other than myself. Why not, some people need that structure and discipline to help them move forward on the things that matter to them. If you have to do your passions around a job, your children and your spouse then you have to make time for it. You set up a date night for your wife and you set up a family night for your kids and family and you know what hours you typically work and then you put your passion on your calendar.

Have a talk with your family and let them know what you are trying to do and how important it is to you. If you give them a night of their own and you schedule your passion around those nights then everyone will be happy. Yes, there is always that rare time when you have an interruption, a sick kid, a dance recital, or a family gathering to attend. Some things you can plan, some things you cannot but give yourself some leeway to adapt your schedule for those times.

Take the time to set a goal even if it’s a small one that you are trying to achieve in that time you have given yourself. If all you have is 4 nights a week to write then you know you need to set a goal to write 500 words a night so that you can meet a goal of 8,000 words in a month. Maybe one night might be needed to read up on your craft, learn some tutorials or information that will make you better at what you do and the other three is for doing. As long as you are moving forward those baby steps do add up over time.

I am a writer and that is my passion. What’s yours? How can you take baby steps to meet the goals you have for your desires? Write out your plan for the week and see how it works for you. If you need to make adjustments do it in week two. If you work out all the adjustments then set up that schedule for a month. See what you can achieve in one month towards your dreams.

Leave a comment below of what passion you have in your life and how you plan to go about making it happen. Share this with a friend that you feel could put some of these words to good use in their life. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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  1. Nicole Nichols

    Great blog post Lisa! My passion is encouraging others and helping them to see their dreams become a reality. I love this post and know for a fact it will help TONS of people. Thank you for taking time and sharing this for us. I can’t wait to read more from you!

    • Thank you for your comment Nicole. You indeed encourage others with your own posts. Look forward to more of yours also.

  2. As a fine artist I thought it important at one time to do house chores, answer emails, pay bills, etc. and then paint and I found I had used up my creative energy. So I gave the first time of the day to painting. What you have written in your post works. Thank you for reminding us!

    • That’s really great advice. Choosing the time of day to do your craft when you are fresh and the most creative is important. Doing chores can be done when your body is fine but your mind is no longer able to create.

  3. Lisa,

    This is a great post. You nailed it with the mantra. Great job!

  4. Lisa this is a great word of wisdom in due season. I have a house move going on, lots to do and life is a big ball of crazy string right now. In spite of it, there are 20 or 45 min a morning I can devote to writing. I am a screenplay, lyricist, and stage play writer. I find doing my journal helps get the juices going, it isn’t part of the “professional” hat of writing but it gives me freedom to start doing something. That doing thing is amazing. When we do something it begins to generate the momentum. I think traction and momentum are good to think about when we want to procrastinate, if we don’t begin moving we can’t gain traction or momentum. Good post! Thank you! I put on my calendar every day of the work week a 45-60 min window for working on my creative craft. I used to have structured each day for a tutorial or another day for writing. I have found for me, I do better to have one or the other open. I am in the process of how to wrap up a final piece of work, what that looks like, how I will present or pitch that work, and network to sell my work. Accepting the end part right now is new for me, I have to be gracious with myself to give time for learning curves too. Mantra is at least everyday has some time devoted to my creative work, everyday just put 5 minutes or an hour into that creative work. Eventually it starts to be exponential or accumulative time that will God willing bring a harvest to the labor. Have a great day Lisa!

    • That’s great you are finding time in the early morning to write even for a short while in the midst of that craziness going on. That too will pass. I understand the wrapping up of a final piece. I’m working on the same with my new book and the novella that I want to offer to everyone. The finishing touches and a launch or deal is always that next hurdle to face. You can do it Arianne. Hope to hear more about it from you soon.

  5. As always, perfectly written. I loved the ideas you gave to help get in the groove of things if I’m stuck. I may just have to try some of those tricks. This is a great post Lisa and I love the site! 🙂

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