The Blessing of Friends

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Nov 18



This month has me thinking about various things in my life and this week my focus has been on friends. Those that I share my life with and are close to are truly blessings when it comes to my friends. I’d like to take a moment and just tell my friends reading this that I love each of you and you are the most amazing people in my life. You are there when I least expect it because I popped into your thoughts and you have to check up on me and my family and that to me is a God thing. It’s always at just the right time and your prayers and concern end up being moments of encouragement and blessings for me.


I do have a few friends that are going through some health issues right now and they are near and dear to my heart as I understand challenges with health. I commend them for their positive attitudes, the way they get through the rough days with a smile even when they don’t feel like having one. They give love freely and get hurt easily, on top of their health challenges. I pray that you will continue to be a blessing to me and to those around you even through the trials you have to deal with each day. Focus on each day alone and God will give you strength and help you through them. Continue to share your joy and sweet spirits with others.


I have some ‘old’ friends that have adopted me and my family and made us part of theirs. The love they share with us no matter what is always a gift that is given without judgement or conditions. We both have children around the same age and that allows us to share family issues with one another and be an encouragement when times become difficult and we just need to talk. I often pray for concerns in their life just as I’m sure they do for me and my family.


We also have some new friends this year that came into our lives when we switched churches. The fellowship of being at the same church has allowed us to become friends. I feel honored and blessed to know each of them and hope to have long lasting friendships with each of them.


I also have friends that are family too. They are near and dear to my heart and I wish the miles apart weren’t so big so we could see each other more frequently. Even with the miles apart we communicate regularly and the love is felt across the phone, social media and text messages.


As you can see friends can be a true blessing in your life for various reasons. When I sat quietly doing my bible study this particular week and all of them started coming to mind I realized that God has given me some great people to share life with and be encouraged. I hope you are taking time to spend time with friends as part of your life and not just focused on work, goals and day to day life happenings.


It’s also good to make new friends and open up to others and share your life with them. You could be a blessing to someone else, just as they can bless you. During this month of being thankful make a list of the friends that you’d like to spend more time with and once a month plan to invite someone over to get to know them better. You will be glad you did. Take a moment to also thank them this month for being in your life. A simple thank you card, email or text could make their day and your loving heart sharing that simple thank you will bless you as well.


Enjoy, share and leave a comment below on how blessed you are with the friends in your life. It’s always good to see how others touch your lives and to share it.


Have a blessed week!



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