Thanksgiving Blessings

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Nov 25



As we take the time to gather with family and friends or both for this beautiful fall holiday, I hope you will count your blessings. Each person that made it to dinner and those you speak to on the phone that couldn’t are all blessings in your life. Someone took the time to create that fabulous meal you will partake and others help set the table, make their home available to you or you to them.


There is also the traditions we all share, like watching the parade that morning with the kids, hearing the sounds of a favorite football team playing on the TV after dinner or even the family going outside to play touch football. The traditions you have with your family make the time together even more special as those memories are priceless and things you can talk about every holiday thereafter.


Does your family volunteer during this time of year to help others in need? Do you serve meals to those less fortunate during this time of year? Do you make an effort to find out who is struggling and put together  food basket and take it to them so they have the special fixings for the holiday? There are lots of ways you can do things to bless others and you will receive a blessing yourself by doing it.


How can you be a blessing in someone else’s life this week? It is easy to only think of ourselves and our immediate family, but what about those with no family? Can you bless them by contacting them to visit, inviting them to dinner or how about to church on Sunday.


There is much to be thankful during this time of year in my own life. Not only will I get to spend Thanksgiving with some close friends and family. I will get to enjoy the smells from the days cooking, the sounds of laughter, the hush as we pray for God’s blessings and the silence of everyone enjoying the food. It’s funny how the tone of talking seems to vanish when everyone has a full plate of goodies and we all start eating. That’s how you know it’s good, right?


You also get to catch up with those you haven’t seen in awhile, talk to family across the miles on this special day and relax with a full belly. Then I always look forward to a Christmas movie later that day, usually “Miracle on 34th Street” as it starts the holiday off right for me. That weekend isn’t spent shopping like most, instead we bring out the board games, the leftovers and have fun laughing and being together. It’s a memorable Thanksgiving weekend. Then a new season for me begins and that is the time I celebrate Christ’s birth.




What kind of traditions do you have with your family on Thanksgiving? Do you count your blessings for each moment you have with each person, that day, the food and the memories being created? I hope so. I hope you also thank God for sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us on that day too. That’s the biggest blessing of all.


I hope you enjoy this post, share it with others and leave a comment on some of your traditions and blessings that you are thankful for on this special fall holiday.


Have a blessed week!




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