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Sep 30



Recently, my husband surprised me with a beautiful miniature rose plant. I love it when he does little things like that unexpectedly. The first thing I noticed about my new rose plant was it was in a tiny pot and though the leaves were green on top there were some that were turning yellow below them. The plant needed room to grow.


Picking up a pot that was twice the size of the current one and some potting soil took care of this beautiful plant for the time being. The roots were packed tightly into the current pot and there was very little dirt. It had outgrown the space it was currently in and needed fresh soil and a new home.


Do you ever feel like this rose plant? That you are stuck in this small space and you can’t get out of it? What is holding you back? Do you need a new pot and some potting soil to transition into a better place to grow?




In order to grow you have to take risks, challenge yourself, attempt new things, and change yourself. Staying put because you are comfortable and feel safe is no real way to live. The joy of trying new things, influencing other people, seeing beyond your four walls and having a life of adventure is purely up to you. It’s a choice. It’s your choice.


Eventually my plant would have more yellowing leaves until only a few stronger roots were able to take over and produce roses. Even though it would produce some beautiful blossoms they would remain small, not open up and quickly die based on the home they were in.


We are not meant to be like this poor plant. We are meant to grow, learn, explore, expand our lives to be better fulfilled, find joy and share love. Are you able to do those things? Do you feel fulfilled and full of joy and love?


To grow you need to take a risk, step out for an adventure or do something you’ve always wanted but were to afraid to attempt. Do you have an interest you are holding back on trying? Here are some tips that can help you grow:


• Write out all of your dreams or goals that you would love to see in your life

• Pick up a book on the topic and begin reading about it in order to be more knowledgeable

• Find someone that is doing what you would love to do and ask questions, see if they would mentor you

• Make a list of the top 2 things you could do this week or this month that would help you begin working towards that goal or dream around your other responsibilities

• Find someone that you can be accountable to so you don’t stop or drop the ball because it becomes a challenge or you get self-doubt or fear creeping in


The only thing keeping you from growing into the person you wish to be is you. Make a choice today to begin working towards something you want in your life. You will find that you have plenty of room to grow.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave a comment below sharing how you have learned to give yourself room to grow and share it with others to help them too.


Have a blessed week!



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Nicole September 30, 2015

Beautiful post Lisa with another great message. We all are due for a bigger pot and some fresh soil. Time to just do it and make it happen instead of wishing and offering excuses.

Gloria September 30, 2015

Great post! Inspirational!

Kevin Jacobs September 30, 2015

Lisa, loved this blog post just hit things for spot on, great advice thanks so much!!

Terey Bieger September 30, 2015

Now this one I can relate too thank you!

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