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Dec 30



Reflection is fixing your thoughts on something, giving it careful consideration, and an observation of what has and has not taken place. Reflection is what many of us do at the end of each year to review what has taken place in the last 365 days and what we did that moved us forward towards our goals and dreams and what we didn’t get accomplished in those days.


Declaration is an announcement, the act of declaring, and a proclamation. As we look at the upcoming 2016-year what are you declaring that will take place or be accomplished in the next 365 days? What have you said you would do but dropped the ball a few weeks into the last year? Are you having regrets of any kind based on previous goals or dreams?


We all get the same 365 days to accomplish goals, dreams or things we feel are important to get done. The time in each day is the same for us all, 24 hours. Each day is a new opportunity to press on towards something you wish to accomplish.


What will you declare for 2016 and will you have a plan to make it happen? For many it’s losing weight but just wanting to lose it won’t make it melt away. You have to have a plan to make it happen. There’s no magic pill to cause it to melt off of your body. It is going to take work and the sooner you realize any goal takes work and it takes you creating a plan to make it happen, the sooner you will accomplish the tasks in which are important to you.


Do you want to write a book, a song, or a script? Do you want to make a movie? How about make great food and open a restaurant? What if it’s something more personal such as regaining your health? The sky is the limit.


All of these things are possible with a plan. Do you need to learn more about the goal you have in mind? Then sign up for a class, take an online class, read a few books on the subject, test some things out for yourself and see how they work. The best way to get somewhere is to start doing.


Some things might come more naturally to you than others and it might require a little more effort on your part to make it happen. Don’t give up because of that, get more determined and focused and you will make it happen.




Realize now that it’s the journey you will take to reach that goal that will make you a better person, more knowledgeable, confident, focused, determined and successful. Write out your goals for the year, do it now, don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight and you are left with a sense of longing as to what you are going to do in 2016.


If you begin now, you can create your initial plan to make it happen even if you aren’t sure of all the details, then you can move forward each day without hesitation. You may not have everything worked out but take the time to review where you are going every couple months and you can refine your plan once you have more knowledge.


When you review your plan every couple months you can see the progress you have or haven’t made, make changes as you do more and see where it takes you. Don’t make a plan and expect it to just work, as we all need to review so we know the failures and the successes along the way on this journey. Just start enjoying the process and be happy with where you are going now.


Schedule time for your goals around your life and be joyful when you get to work on those things each week. A small step forward is still a step forward and it will eventually get you to your destination. Be self-disciplined in 2016 to stick to the declarations you have made for your goals and you will have success towards them by the end of those 365 days.


Share this post if you think it would be helpful to others. Leave a comment below to let me know the goals you declare to achieve in 2016 as telling someone helps you to be accountable to do as you say you will do. Start doing and anything is possible.


Have a blessed week!



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