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Feb 21

Once upon a time there was a young lady who had decided that love would not be part of her life. Her experiences were of someone that passed away when she was little so she didn’t get to see those two people in love. Her parents divorced when she was thirteen and love didn’t seem a great investment from that experience either. The reason it didn’t work out is only between the two people it involved but when you have children or a close family, it becomes everyone’s experience. The rest of her teenage years included being hurt by one young man after another while searching for love in those adventurous years.

This young lady got a job at a local computer store and became friends with all who worked there as they all also went to the same church as she did. As part of the youth group and spending time with the young adults it became part of the ritual to attend events and spend time with these older and wiser individuals.

A pattern developed where she would catch a ride with one person to go to an event and cleverly left for this one intelligent man to always take her home. He was always friendly, knew a lot about many things, captured her attention with his vast knowledge and was a gentleman with charm and humor. They became good friends and enjoyed laughing, talking and seeing each other at events and work.

One day the young lady had to attend band camp during the summer for a week. While she was marching and playing her clarinet, she was also drinking lots of water and trying to not die in 117 degree temperatures for four to six hours each day.

After this grueling week she returns home to see her family. Her mother informs her she has met the man her daughter would marry, and that God had shown him to her. Stunned by this revelation of her mothers she asked questions who this man was and where she met him. Her mother describes a man she was familiar with as it was her friend and he had attended church. Her mother had to be incorrect about this because she wasn’t about to marry anyone. You don’t marry your friends.

Days go by and she gets the nerve up to tell her friend what her mother had told her. They both laugh and continue with life as it had been before. This young lady gets another job and dates a man from her work while still attending events and functions with her friend. When she broke up with the man she had been dating, she went to her friend and cried on his shoulder informing him what took place to deal with the hurt she felt.

One day while at the movies together, seeing an Indiana Jones new release, there were spiders, bugs and all things creepy on the screen. She grabbed his hand and hid her face in his arm until the movie no longer displayed these deployable creatures. The thing was they both realized later they never stopped holding hands. From that day forward their relationship changed.

The friendship was still there but now there was a love blossoming between them. Now they were spending every moment they could together around jobs and her going to school. Still living in denial he could be the guy for her, since her mom stated it so emphatically, she invited a friend they both knew to the senior prom. Soon after the prom many of the friends they shared informed her that the blossoming love interest had stormed out of the work place and got in his car and squealed out of the parking lot in anger because she went to the prom with a mutual friend.

She realized she had made a mistake by not asking him to go with her instead. When she asked him about the anger and tires squealing he had informed her that wasn’t what happened at all. Could her friends be exaggerating to make her feel bad? Possible. But not likely. She accepted his answer and they continue to see each other every moment they could.

He attended her graduation from high school and took time off work to do so. He took her out for her eighteenth birthday and they sat and talked about the possibilities for their futures. You could find them many a night sitting on the hood of his car, looking up at the stars and talking about the vast dreams they each had until you could see the sun coming up over the horizon the next morning.

The strength of the friendship had created a love between them that grew until neither could deny it was true love. Was this relationship a gift from God? A blessing they both needed? The answer is yes. The relationship progressed once they could not deny their love.

He took the time to go to her mother and ask to marry her and even took her mother with him to show her the ring he had picked out. Then one night he picked her up like any other night and took her to a pizza parlor. He insisted on bringing in with him a board game she didn’t want to learn to play over dinner. She caved and agreed. When they got inside, he appeared rather nervous and was acting strange to her. After ordering the food, he again went back to the board game insisting they play it and asking her to open it. To get him to stop bugging her about the game she opened it to find a ring box inside. That was when he popped the question and his actions made sense. She said yes!

Eight months later they were to get married. Everything was in place and she was waiting for 2 p.m. Decked out in her wedding gown, her make up done, her veil in her hair, her flowers in hand and surrounded by her flower girl, a maid of honor and bridesmaids the time went by. Soon it was 2:05, then 2:10, and they weren’t starting. Did he change his mind? He wouldn’t leave her the day of her wedding, would he?

The photographer came to the room and took several photos of everyone and then of just her and still the time clicked by and she feared she would not get married at all. As the photographer was about to leave, he told her they were having technical difficulties with the sound and music and as soon as they had it fixed the wedding would begin.

Whew! He was here, and it wasn’t him or her. That’s good. At 2:25 the wedding began and as her eyes locked onto his while walking down the isle she knew her heart would always belong to him. That God had blessed her with her soul mate. A life changing moment she had not realized was her dream all along was coming true.



Now, celebrating 33 years in April and the love she has for him has only gotten stronger, truer, and more faithful. Life has been full of trials but they have been each other’s best friends since that first moment.

Love is a commitment you must work on every day. Its trust, friendship, honesty, communication and sharing each moment you are together as if it’s the last one you will ever have with them. Not going to bed angry a single night. Talking through any problem no matter who may be right or wrong. Showing your love no matter what is happening in your life.

God gave me that special man and I love him more now than I did that day he accepted me as his wife, or that day he asked me to marry him. This is my love story to my wonderful, loving husband, Milo.

I wanted to share this story with you during the month of love. I hope you have a love story in your life, whether it’s God, a spouse, child, parent, friend or pet. Love can heal wounds, fill us with happiness and make our lives worth living. Thank God for the love you feel in your life!





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