Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Oct 14



When we all come into this world we are unable to do more than be held and wiggle around to get attention so we utilize our voice and cry. This teaches us that we can get attention by crying over things. Then we enter a phase of wanting or needing something that isn’t within reach and we have to crawl to get it. Shortly after that we learn to pull ourselves up and stand, then while holding onto things we take steps and begin to walk. It’s no time after those moments that we begin to walk on our own and more easily and in a blink of an eye we are then running.


Remember we have to crawl before we walk and walk before we can run. The same holds true with the things in our lives that we want to accomplish. If you are trying to be an artist you don’t immediately go to run, you have to crawl first. You have to learn to paint or draw, you have to learn to mix colors, you have to learn to ink over your sketch, you have to learn the underpainting before you get to the masterpiece.


In writing a book you have to come up with an idea, figure out your characters, come up with how you want to start, how you want it to end, then figure out the middle. Once you have the ideas strongly in your mind or on paper you can then begin to sit down and write out the story. You may start at the beginning or write the end first, then the middle. The order doesn’t matter, just that you wrote it all out until the rough draft is complete.


If you want to make a food dish you start with an ingredients list, you have to measure them out, you have to do them in a certain order, then you are able to blend these ingredients together to make an amazing dish.


A photographer must learn the dials on the camera, make sure you have fresh batteries, plan a day to go out and then find a subject to capture. Then once home remove the image from the camera and do some editing until it is exactly how you want it to look to show others.


Dreams don’t happen by wishing them to be so. You have to make the journey from crawling, to walking, to running to make them happen. You need a dream that you truly want to pursue. You figure out what it would take to make it happen. You set a date to have it accomplished, which then turns it into a goal. Then you plan out the steps it will take to make it a reality working backwards until you know exactly what you need to do each quarter, each month, each week and even each day.




When one goes from crawling to walking there will be many obstacles, many attempts that fail, sore bottoms, knees and hands from falling. You keep getting back up and taking another step forward. That drive inside a child to go from crawling to walking is inside all of us every day. You have the drive, the perseverance and the strength to go after your goal and make it happen, one movement at a time, one step at a time.


Your special gifts and story is meant for the world to hear it. Start crawling so that you will eventually run and be sharing them with the rest of us. I look forward to hearing your story, seeing your talent, and watching you reach your goals.


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Have a blessed week!



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Terey October 14, 2015

I like this one it’s very true, thanks for the positive note.

    Lisa October 19, 2015

    You are welcome. Glad I could send you some positive for today. 🙂

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