How to Turn Small Choices into Big Change

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Apr 20



Each day for most of us starts the same with the alarm going off so that we can get ready for work. From the moment we hear that alarm we choose to hit snooze or get up right away. That choice could cause you to have to rush to get ready, you might have to skip eating breakfast, and making your lunch or skipping things you normally do just so you are on time for work. That choice could cause you to be stuck in traffic, miss getting your coffee, forgetting to sign paperwork for the kids and so much more.


Think about it. It’s a small choice but one that can affect your day in great ways. What other choices can you make that affects you in major ways? Do you spend hours watching TV or movies in the evening? Do you put off doing things you need to take care of because you are too tired? Do you skip exercise in hopes to find a few more minutes to complete the most important things in your life each day?


These are small choices that can have a big impact on your life. If you miss going for that walk or to the gym one day, it can then turn into two, then three and so forth. That one decision can cause you to get off of the routine you may have started to become healthier by adding exercise to your life. Watching a couple hours of TV or movies instead of working towards a goal or spending time with the family is a choice that can affect your relationship with your spouse or children, and the excuse you needed to tell yourself it’s okay you aren’t working towards your goals.


Let’s talk about ways you can change that and turn some small choices into big change.


1. Choose to give up one hour of TV every other night to work towards a goal. I didn’t say every night. You still get that relax time you think you are getting from vegging on the couch. Let’s say you gave up three nights in the week to work towards a goal and you applied that hour towards it. It might not seem like much but you end up giving twelve hours a month towards your goal and when you start adding up the months of doing that you will be making a choice to reach it.


2. Choose to have a family night and a date night with your spouse. Gather everyone together in the family and play board games, video games, pop some popcorn and watch a movie together, or just do some make believe stuff and create a fort in the living room. That will go a long way of you connecting with your kids. In that same vein schedule a night for you and your spouse where you spend a couple hours together without the kids to talk, discuss goals, discuss your marriage, how you are doing and how you can improve. When you and your spouse are on the same page-making time for a goal becomes easier because you have people on your side.


3. Choose to set a timer on your phone for your nights to work on your goal. When that timer goes off you have a date with a client and that client is you. Its time to work towards your goal, no matter what it is. If you want to be an artist then start drawing, painting, or doing digital art. If you want to be a photographer then set up some still lives to photograph, learn all the buttons on the camera, figure out what things interest you and begin taking some pictures. If you want to be a chef, its time to decide what types of food you want to cook, get out some ingredients and practice away on your scheduled night. If you want to be a writer then sit down during those times and begin writing. Have no ideas then use prompts to just practice writing until some ideas come to mind, either way be 100% present at your scheduled time.


4. Choose to be consistent. It’s great to set a goal and want to do it but if you don’t show up consistently then nothing will change or happen for you. You must be consistent with how often you work on that goal. If a family event comes up then change the night you work that week, but do it consistently.


5. Choose to keep an idea notepad. It could be electronic by using a program like Evernote where you have folders and documents that can list every idea you have or comes to mind while you are working, out with the family or etc. It allows you to not lose the idea so you can look at it when its time to be working on your goal.


6. Choose to not allow distractions or excuses. It’s easy to let that friend that stopped by to interrupt your time to get busy on your goal, but if you had to go to work you would have to excuse yourself from your friend and get to your job, do the same for your own goals. It’s a habit you need to make so you aren’t late and keep your schedule. Your friends will understand if you explain what you have going on and you can pick another night to hang out. Don’t allow yourself to use others as an excuse either. Someone coming over, a kid being sick, working late and so forth could easily be an excuse as to why you can’t stick to your schedule that night, but don’t allow it from yourself. Would you accept it from an employee? Then why would you accept it from yourself?


7. Choose to be positive and thankful. If you are thankful for the people in your life, your job, your family and keep a positive attitude overall, life will be easier and you will feel more energized. A person that has a truly grateful heart and a positive attitude will have more passion to build their dreams. It will help your life all around and others will want to be around you.




These are just a few small changes you can make in order to have big changes in your life to reach your goals. Each small change over time adds up to success even when you think you are just doing small changes. If you made small changes in your diet and exercise before you knew it you would be more toned and have lost weight without realizing you had done more than stick to the changes you had made like eating a salad over fries. These small choices are what makes big changes in ones life and helps you become successful in the very thing you say you dream of doing or having.


Don’t allow any more excuses; make some small changes today that will help you reach your goals of tomorrow. I hope this information helped you in some way. Please share it with others, as they too may need some small choices to help them get big change. If you don’t mind leave a comment on the website letting me know how you have implemented small choices that have resulted in big changes in your life.


Have a blessed day!



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