Gift of Gratitude

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Nov 26



Gratitude: (noun) the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

There are so many things in my life right now that I’m totally grateful for, one being my husband and daughter, these two people I feel were given to me by God. My husband was this computer nerd that didn’t seem to look at a girl unless it was the name he called a computer. We became close friends and started sharing and talking about our childhood the pain and all, the future and the dreams of what life could be, and then the life with each other. He is truly my soul mate and I feel he was a gift to me because I didn’t want to get married at all due to my childhood. God had other plans for me.

As for my daughter, she is the miracle. I was told I couldn’t have children once I got married and we tried and tried with no luck. My body just wasn’t going to have anything to do with getting pregnant. Then 5 years later after one doctor visit, one pill for one day that made me so very ill that I couldn’t take after that, the miracle of 30 days later I was pregnant. My daughter is a gift and a true blessing. She is an amazing person and I had a part of creating that young lady. God definitely gave me a gift worth treasuring with her.

Other things I’m grateful for are my talents as a graphic designer that led me to my current job that provides income to my family. I’m grateful for shelter over our heads, food for our tummies and our bills paid each month. I’m grateful for my extended family that I don’t get to see that often but stay in touch thanks to texting and social media. I’m thankful for old friends that have continued to be part of my day to day life and haven’t decided to step away for whatever reason.

I’m also grateful for new friends that share similar passions that give of themselves and make my life enriched with them within it. I’m grateful for the Noah University coaching I’m a part of that has impacted my life in a new way, clarified my purpose, allowed me to dream again, showed me how to make my dreams come true and for the leadership that authentically share of themselves with those of us in this program.

I’m thankful for God because without him my path would not have taken the direction that it has to lead me to these wonderful things that are in my life now. I’m thankful for the doors he has opened and the ones he has closed to keep me on a path that he wishes for my life. I’m thankful for those I can inspire and give hope to through my photography and writing, which God also gave to me.

I hope you and your families are together sharing love and blessings on this Thanksgiving holiday. Have a blessed day!

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Brian December 1, 2014

Very well said, there is so much in this world we take for granted and everyone seems to lose touch of their impact.

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