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Dec 16



During this hectic time of year do you find joy in your daily life? The adorable giggle of a baby can bring you joy. The family sitting together at dinner and sharing their day can bring joy. Watching a movie together can bring joy. Making a craft with someone can bring joy. Reading a book to another can bring joy. Making someone’s favorite food for them can bring joy. Lighting a candle that has a wonderful aroma can bring joy.


How are you finding joy each day? I recently read that it was not in circumstances that you create or find joy, it’s in you. Are you living with an attitude of joy? Loving the special moments you have with your family can make your heart soar because they are in your life. Do you look around you at other people and compare yourself to them because you will not find joy when you focus on what someone else has and you don’t. Joy is not something you can find in things, it is always found inside of us.


This is a season of joy. The joy in the gift of loved ones, a new birth in the family, gathering together, even hearing that Uncle that seems so strange can provide you with joy. I know there is much to do before the family arrives, food to plan, gifts to buy, parties to attend, school programs, church events and so much more. Do you find joy in baking the cookies for the school events? Do you find joy in changing the bedding or towels to reflect the holiday? Or is this time of year just more busy work for you and you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and down right moody?


Life is meant to find Joy in the journey we are on. Each wonderful blessing in your life from your spouse, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, in-laws, friends and even your pets should bring you joy daily. Not a day goes by that in some way their actions don’t bring you a laugh or a smile. If you are living with a grateful heart, finding joy in your life becomes easy to see even during those stressful times.


There are many in this world struggling right now from loss of jobs, sick family members, health issues of their own, not enough income to meet needs, wanting to give a wonderful Christmas to their family but can’t or at least they think they can’t. These are seasons in life, they change from day to day and it’s all in how you look at things that will help you find joy and get through those more difficult times. It’s these moments in your life that you can be a light to others and share your joy with them. In return you will be blessed and they will feel the joy you have to share to help them through and find their own joy.




Be a light to others and share your joy. Smile at a stranger, say hello, tell someone they are doing a good job, tell someone you are proud of them or even that you love them. These small things make a huge difference to those around you. Find joy in the small things and share it with others each day.


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Please share it and leave a comment below on ways you find joy in your life and share it with others.


Have a blessed week!



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Arianne December 16, 2015

Thanks Lisa! Lately I find joy just being home healing from surgery. I get overwhelmed or frustrated at times thinking of everything our move into the house has brought for tasks that I can’t do right now. But then I remember I have an amazing husband and take joy in that. I take joy in making a hot cup of cocoa. I take joy in listening to a favorite song. What a great reminder that we all need to just take some moments to take joy. What good are we when scurrying around frantic and full of frustrations, stress and resentment? I am taking a moment of joy to enjoy your post!

Roberta December 16, 2015

Lisa, THANK YOU !!! This blog could not have came at a better time. For the first time in a long time, I feel myself sinking into the abyss. How perfect your words are, “find joy in your life” , “be a light for others”. I truly believe those words and try to always live with philosophy in my life. I always try to remember also how quickly life can change. I am so blessed because I do have many reasons to have joy, I just needed to be reminded. I will shake off this feeling of desperation and hold on to the beautiful things in my life. Happy Holidays Lisa. You and Milo please come and visit some time, plus then I also get to see Rebecca; who brings joy into our home whenever she is here. You have an amazing daughter.

Terey December 16, 2015

I have found Joy this year to be able to make others happy… Yes Jeff and I are very happy and blessed to to take our blessings and see the smiles that’s the best Joy we could ask for!
Thank you for this blog it taught me about others Joy as well.
Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas
Hugs, Terey n Jeff

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