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Jan 20



What’s Fear telling you every day? Fear reveals itself in all types of ways in your daily life. There are the obvious fears, like fear of spiders or fear of heights, but what about the other types of fears? Fear of doubt, fear of unworthiness, fear of being deserving, fear of love, fear of the unknown, fear of abuse, fear of truth, fear of guilt, fear of manipulation, fear of success, fear of being good enough, fear of pain, fear of healing and so many more.


There is no better time than now to figure out what you are truly afraid of and then to figure out how to conquer that fear and make it go away for good. Here are a few examples of how fear can sabotage your life.


If you are someone that has had an illness and that illness has made it so you can’t work and you end up on disability as your income source. You could have the fear of healing because that guaranteed money you are making each month would go away and what if your illness comes back, right?


Wouldn’t it be great if you were fully healed and you could do all the things you keep saying you can’t do because of the illness you have? You could get a job and be out with people again, have friends, be social, spend time with the kids or grandkids, go on trips and do hobbies or other things you enjoy on a regular basis. Isn’t that a better life to have than one sitting behind a TV saying I wish I could do this or that but I can’t due to my health? I would explore and figure out how to heal myself from the illness so I could live a full life.


You want to write a book or you have written a book and you have a fear of being good enough. Unless you take the time to share it with others how would you know where you needed to improve or if your story resonates with others and encourages or improves their life with your words?


I don’t know of one writer that hasn’t had good reviews and bad ones. It’s what you do with that bad one that will make the difference. Not everyone likes everything that any of us do, so what does it matter what that one person will say? Do it anyway, it’s the only way to get your own unique story out there to share with others. If you help or touch just one person would it be worth it? Were you good enough for that person? Do it anyway, you have no idea who you can touch, encourage, help or inspire.


You may be someone that wants love more than anything in the world but you got hurt by a relationship so you are just not doing that again no matter what. Your fear of pain is keeping you from experiencing the one thing you want most and that is to feel love by someone special. Isn’t life better to experience it and lose it than to never experience it at all? Open your heart up and don’t let fear win.


You want to start your own business but you have the fear of doubt holding you back. No one said quit your job and not live with an income while you built this business, that wouldn’t be smart. You can build a business on the side, little by little, funding it with your own job and extra money you earn through it. Quitting a good job before your business is making enough funds to support you like the job did is just a crazy risk, especially if you are the sole breadwinner of the family. Work through those doubts and begin building the very thing you enjoy into a business and watch as it grows and develops into something others will also enjoy or experience. Conquer your fear of doubt.


There are those that have a fear of abuse based on circumstances from the past. They live as a victim and believe the nonsense that was fed to them during those times of abuse. You aren’t good enough. You don’t deserve anything. You aren’t beautiful. You are fat. You aren’t going to be anything but someone else’s toy. You are meant to do what you are told and not think for yourself. I’ve personally heard some of these harsh words in my past and for a while they made me afraid to live. I was shy; I didn’t question what anyone else said to me, I did what I was told. I also believed those things about myself and in some cases made them real.


Do you want to keep living like this or do you want to be someone that goes after their dreams and shows the past they have no hold on you? Take the lessons you need from your past to be a better person today and then move on. Tell fear to take a hike and overcome these obstacles that are holding you back. You are a beautiful, caring and loving person, you have a purpose and sharing your story with others in some way will not only help you heal the past but become a better individual in the future.




We all fear something and we all deal with it differently. Some choose to let fear keep them hostage like a victim of circumstance versus overcoming it and making more out of their life. There are others that seem to have it all figured out and you can’t hold them back and they do in spite of fear and they are becoming people they want to be with goals they want to achieve.


  • Take the time to make a list of your fears. No matter how small it may seem it’s a fear holding you back. Write it down. 
  • Then next to that list write out how you are letting that fear hold you back? 
  • What steps do you need to take to overcome your fear? 
  • What talk do you hear daily that keeps you from doing what you want to do in your life?


Knowing is half the battle. What are you allowing fears to keep you from doing? After reviewing your list are you going to continue to let fear dictate your future? I hope not.


Learning to think and be positive, reading affirmations, focusing on positive sources of inspiration, taking action one baby step at a time, becoming accountable to others, believing in yourself and finding your purpose and calling will help you overcome these fears. It may not be easy but you can kick fear out of your life and start making some incredible things happen and live a life you love.


Have a blessed week!




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George Centamore January 20, 2016

Great writing Lisa it definitely addressed a few of the fears I’m dealing with.

    Lisa January 20, 2016

    Thanks for commenting George. I hope you can step through the fears you are dealing with and overcome them. 🙂

Terey January 20, 2016

Oh boy how did you know I will tell you hit this spot on!

Nicole N. January 21, 2016

Lisa, another brilliant post that hits hard and true. We all make excuses and let fear win. This post tells me to press on and work through it – it’ll be quite a journey but a good one for certain. Thank you for posting this message of hope. So many will benefit from it if they take it to heart and act on it. Let’s do this!!

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