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Jun 01



The older I get the more a year seems to zoom by before I can blink. I sit in amazement that I’m another year older when I feel like I’m still 20 and have this wondrous life in front of me to create. My body, however, isn’t acting 20 at all and the older I get the more it seems to fight against me.


Health is very important to me since in my family we have some serious issues. My husband, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I have Diabetes and Hashimoto’s Disease and this requires constant monitoring of what we eat especially out at restaurants or at events. When you eat good most of the time and have one meal that is considered bad for our conditions it is noticed immediately in our health. At the same time you have to live your life and focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t. Things such as exercise, eating correctly, making sure to get proper sleep, play and relax and not focus on work all the time.


The other side is also feeling like your life has purpose. That you have something important to share with others and that they will listen. How you go about doing that is also important. I chose writing and photography but you may have a passion for art, cooking, making films, designing clothes, and being a web or graphic designer, an entrepreneur of one or many businesses and so forth.


The year passes at a pace that sometimes feels like I can’t keep up. The best way for me to accomplish the things I set out to do each year towards my passions is to schedule time in my weekly and monthly calendar. More important is to not break those times no matter what might come up. Being accountable by accomplishing goals you set for yourself is just as important as if a boss was giving you a deadline or assignment. How else would you motivate and remain focused to make those very dreams turn into reality.


The other thing I notice, as I get older is you are never too old to accomplish those dreams and goals. They are the very things that drive you and those passions keep you feeling young and useful. That’s why many people choose clubs, or organizations that help others, where they can volunteer and utilize skills they have learned during their lives in a job, to share and keep them outgoing and young in mind.


There are a few things I wish I could go back and change like not mistreating my body and thinking I didn’t need to ask for help from others, when both are important for my own health and for those friendships of the past. Now, I’m wiser and more focused on my passions and what I feel is my part of sharing with the world something worthwhile. It all does take time and each phase of our lives teaches us something new and gives us renewed purpose, but I don’t wish to waste any of my time either. No one knows the age in which they will leave this earth for good, so making a difference each day in some small way to help others becomes significant in your life.




My big day is on Friday of this week and I intend to be proud of my accomplishments, keep pushing towards my goals and dreams and wake up each day with a passion to share my gifts with others. You don’t need a new year to come around to reset your goals; you can do that anytime in your life. Being that my birthday falls at the beginning of June is perfect timing since it’s a full five months after the year has begun and it gives me a chance to evaluate what my goals were and how I’m doing to reach them. It also helps me to change some things to do more towards them so that I can reach them too.


Do you need a reset button in your life right now? Take a moment to check on your goals and see where you are on each one you had chosen for yourself. Do you need to tweak your schedule or how you do something to make them happen? Today is a great time to do just that and with doing so the rest of your year can be with purpose, passion and a greater desire to get things accomplished than ever before. The simple step in this blog is to reevaluate where you are and where you want to be and make the changes necessary without delay.


2016 can still be your year to achieve those goals, if you take the time to take action and make it happen. With each step forward be proud of where you have come even if the goal hasn’t been met. You have made progress forward and that is what matters most. A baby has to learn to roll over and crawl before they can walk. At what point are you in reaching your goals? Be proud you have made some progress and continue on your journey with passion.


Have a blessed week.








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