Adventure to Crystal

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Sep 25
Crystal, NV - Love Ranch image with 69 Exit Road Sign

Crystal, NV – Love Ranch image with 69 Exit Road Sign

Recently, I took one of my little excursions out to explore to see what is around the area I live and came across Crystal, NV. This little town has two brothels and a brothel museum. I saw a saloon and several homes in this little town. Most people have to drive the 45 minutes to the nearest town called Pahrump to do any real shopping for food, toiletries or home repair items needed.

There were some amazing views from this little town as it was raining in the distance due to our monsoon season in the area accompanied by some lightning to join the show. The clouds always make the sky more interesting and add a bit of drama when the suns rays shine through them at the same time it’s raining. It’s an amazing site when you take the time to look.

While we were driving around we found the road that lead to one of the brothels had signage that made my husband and I laugh so I had to take a picture and share it with all of you. As you can see above the Exit number and then the brothel sign behind it was worth a good laugh.

I hope you find time to explore the areas close to your home and those hidden treasures to enjoy and photograph. Have a Blessed Day!

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