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Mar 30



As I continue on my journey to publish my first book, I am constantly trying to figure out ways to help others or give to others in some way. I recently had a little light bulb moment to do just that and it’s a bit of a tasty treat too. My upcoming book “A Forever Love” (to be released in late summer) has some scenes inside of the local Italian restaurant, owned by a really nice guy named, Albert. I thought what better way to connect you to one of the characters than to bring him to life with sharing some great recipe’s with you.


Albert, is like an Uncle to the main character, Jillian, in “A Forever Love” and has known her and her family since before she was even born. Like most residence of Pinewood Valley they develop close friendships and frequented this special restaurant. This booklet of Italian recipes is just a small taste of Albert’s cuisine and one that I hope you will enjoy.


In the process of creating this recipe booklet it reminded me of my own experiences with family around food, holidays and family gatherings. Some families have awesome recipes of mouthwatering dishes that are sworn to secrecy and never shared with others, unless you happen to be lucky enough to be invited to dinner to taste it. Then there are those families that love sharing any recipe that someone else loves so more people can enjoy the fabulous praises of those around them when they get to experience them.


In my family there were a few things that I was told to never repeat to another soul, as it was a family recipe passed down from a dozen generations before mine. When you are told this, you laugh and agree, since you enjoy hearing about these ancestors of the past that cooked outdoors while traveling across country in a wagon. It’s a bit like the stories you hear from a parent when they begin talking about they had to walk to school for ten miles in a blizzard and how that was before school buses. Some of these things are tall tales to be sure but family history is important to know and recipes are part of that history.




Why am I writing a blog post about a free giveaway? It seems not everyone that has joined my reader’s group downloaded it or saw the original email letting you know of this offer. We are bombarded with so much mail and influx of data coming at us that it is easy to overlook an offer such as this, so I’m sending it to you again but through the blog itself so you will have a better chance of not missing it. So here is your chance to get that FREE recipe booklet giveaway in case you missed it.


I want you to download your copy of the recipe booklet, try out the recipes and let me know what you think of them. Also, I’m offering this FREE giveaway on my website to new subscribers until my upcoming book, “A Forever Love” comes out, so get it now while it’s free. Please share this post and tell others that they too can get the FREE Albert’s Italian Restaurant Recipe Book One from my site just by joining my reader’s group. Download your FREE copy today.


Have a blessed week!


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