A Life of Balance

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Aug 12
Everything in life must be balanced.

Everything in life must be balanced.

Many people tell me I want to be ‘a writer, photographer, chef, artist’, you fill in the desire, but I don’t have time, which really means my life isn’t balanced. I was recently reminded that we all have the same amount of hours in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year. It’s what you choose to do with that time that will get you closer to your goals and passions.

In order to have a balanced life you have to do things that will help you stay that way. When you get stressed, snap at someone, feel overwhelmed, avoid doing a task because of fear or fine yourself deep with worry, you are out of balance. You need to take a few moments and analyze where this fear is coming from, why you are stressed or worried, why you feel anxiety or overwhelmed so that you can address the problem. This is a natural thing that happens to us all from time to time. Having structure in your life and sticking to a schedule can help make your life more balanced so that you can chase after your goals. You don’t have to give up on them you just have to adapt and take baby steps to achieve them.

Here are 12 things that impact a life of balance:

1. Do your passion around your current job. (Who needs the stress of finances while trying to chase a goal?)

2. Show your family they are important – family night, date night are necessary, they are your support system, do this weekly and they will help you with staying consistent.

3. Put it on the calendar and don’t break that appointment with you. (Could be one day, could be seven, it’s up to you, your spouse or partner and your life responsibilities.)

4. Schedule some R&R time. You have to recharge or you won’t be able to create to accomplish your goals.

5. Get exercise and eat healthy.

6. Get plenty of sleep.

7. Become accountable to a mentor, support system or community of like-minded individuals.

8. Set realistic goals but don’t be afraid to push to achieve more. (Example 500 words to write might push to 750 or 1,000.)

9. Stay positive.

10. At the end of each month look at how far you have come and be proud of what you have accomplished.

11. Focus on the baby steps, the steps you do each day, each week to get you to your ultimate goal.

12. Journal – record your journey, express your feelings, write out ideas or give thanks.

Working a job, pursuing a goal, raising a family, juggling finances, staying healthy, getting rest and recharged, and having fun are all possible to do at the same time. It comes back to those life choices you have made and how you structure your life. Will things come up, of course, but they don’t happen daily just adjust the schedule and keep working on those baby steps.

If you really want your dreams to come true, then you must set a goal with a deadline. Then you need to involve your family so they can support you, push you when they see you sitting on the coach instead of working on your goals. Keep positive flowing into you through books, a mentor and a support community. Above all else stick to your schedule so that your life will remain in balance.

I hope these steps will help you with putting your life in balance. If you know someone this could help please share it with him or her. Do you have a trick to keep your life balanced that I didn’t mention above, please leave a comment and share it, as learning new ways to have a balanced life is good for all.

Have a blessed week!




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