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Nov 04



It’s November and this particular month makes me take a step back and realize what I’m truly grateful for in my life. It’s one of those months that you should be thinking about what you are thankful for and how your life has been blessed throughout the year. Not only when you sit down with your family on Thanksgiving but all throughout the year.


I have seen many challenges put forth at the beginning of November on social media stating what they are grateful for each day for the entire month. I think that is a beautiful challenge and something you should share with others. It also will put you in the right mindset for the upcoming holiday season so that you are appreciative of those important to you and not just things.


Another way of doing this is to create a Gratitude Jar and each day for thirty days, write what you are thankful for and place them in the jar. When the family gathers together for Thanksgiving take a few minutes and read some of the things in which you are truly grateful. It can be a real blessing to those in your family and friends that are gathered on that day. Your family and friends may have overcome some truly miraculous things that you can all share, which can enrich everyone’s lives that are present.


This idea is also a nice way to show what you are thankful for during this time of year and that is a Gratitude Tree. Take a tree branch with many small branches and place it into a vase. Use construction paper to make leaves, hearts, circles, ribbon, small disc ornaments or branch discs to then write on them what you are grateful for and hang on the branches.


You can also create a gratitude journal. You could start it in November to get the list going then continue it throughout the year. This allows you to focus on what truly matters when you write in your journal each day and start it off feeling blessed and thankful for those in your life, blessings that have taken place, answered prayers, things others have done for you, things God has done for you and so much more.


Being focused on the blessings in our life instead of the challenges will help you to remain positive. Some of those challenges will get a new attitude towards them and make it easier to overcome. The challenges are temporary, but the things we can be thankful for are numerous. Look at your life in this new way and allow your heart to change into one of gratitude.




Here are a few things that I’m truly grateful:

1. God – that he sent his son into the world to save me

2. My husband – he is the most loving, gentle, caring man, a great father, my best friend and more

3. My daughter – she is a beautiful, loving, smart, talented lady, I’m honored to be her mom

4. Church Family – being in a bible teaching church with others that want to follow God is a major blessing in my life.

5. Mentors – the guidance, knowledge, positive, motivation fed into my life is a real blessing

6. Family – my family though spread all over the country is a blessing to have in my life.

7. Friends – close friends that are there when you need them, share life together are wonderful blessings

8. Animals – companions that love us unconditionally

9. Nature – the world around us that is ever changing with each season, renewing our spirit when we take the time to experience it

10. Music – whether it’s a bird or manmade song, it inspires me and helps me get through my days


In what way are you grateful today? Share and leave a comment below letting me know how you are grateful. Can’t wait to hear from you.


Have a blessed week!



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