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Mar 21

How to Practice Gratitude

By admin3Ps | Blogs , General , Inspiration

Do you feel blessed today? Do you live your life with a heart of gratitude? Having a gratitude filled heart can increase your personal growth, allow for forgiveness, provide hope and optimism, reduce stress, depression or anxiety and fulfill your life overall.   Some benefits of gratitude for your emotional health are being relaxed, good […]

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Nov 04

A Grateful Heart

By Lisa | Blogs , Fall , Inspiration

  It’s November and this particular month makes me take a step back and realize what I’m truly grateful for in my life. It’s one of those months that you should be thinking about what you are thankful for and how your life has been blessed throughout the year. Not only when you sit down […]

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Apr 29

Yellow Blossoms

By Lisa | Blogs , Nature

When spring rolls around you would think in the desert there wouldn’t be much to show that the seasons have changed but you’d be wrong. In the spring we get green grasses that come up around the cactus, each type of cactus has a type of bloom to display some lovely colors. My recent visit […]

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Mar 11

Hard Knocks

By Lisa | Blogs , Inspiration

We’ve all heard the saying the school of Hard Knocks sometime in your life. At this point in my life I think I have built the university brick by brick. Whenever I make a decision to do something I feel led to do it never fails that a few hard knocks are around the corner […]

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Nov 26

Gift of Gratitude

By Lisa | Blogs , Inspiration

  Gratitude: (noun) the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. There are so many things in my life right now that I’m totally grateful for, one being my husband and daughter, these two people I feel were given to me by God. My husband was this computer nerd that didn’t seem to look […]

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