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Nov 04

A Grateful Heart

By Lisa | Blogs , Fall , Inspiration

  It’s November and this particular month makes me take a step back and realize what I’m truly grateful for in my life. It’s one of those months that you should be thinking about what you are thankful for and how your life has been blessed throughout the year. Not only when you sit down […]

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May 06

Be Still and Listen

By Lisa | Blogs , Nature

Do you know how an animal tells if there is danger around them? They become still and they listen. This beautiful lizard was enjoying the sun when I saw him and with my presence became very still and just waited to see if I was a danger to him before he made a choice to […]

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Sep 30

In my own Backyard

By Lisa | Blogs , Nature

Quail are one of the many animals that are abundant in my area. A couple times a year you will find them being trailed by these tiny little babies no bigger than my thumb. They are so adorable and I find the sounds they make to be relaxing when I sit upon my porch. When […]

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Sep 18

Inspired by the Ocean

By Lisa | Blogs , Inspiration

  I live in the desert and there are times I just need to get away from the heat and brown and go someplace with water. I love the ocean and traveling to find a place to sit and relax. Not only do I enjoy photographing the ocean and the surroundings but I also am […]

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Sep 16

Beauty in Nature

By Lisa | Blogs , Nature

  I am constantly amazed at the beauty in nature all around me. It does not matter if I’m in the desert, in a forest, or at the ocean. The saying, stop and smell the roses, comes to mind as we walk by such beautiful things every single day and most of us don’t even […]

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Sep 09

A Little Rain

By Lisa | Blogs , Fall

The last few days we have had a little bit of rain in our desert area. It is something very much needed so I love getting it after so many days of sunshine during the summer months. The rain reminds me of a fresh start, replenishing living things and a new season of change ahead. […]

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