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Mar 21

How to Practice Gratitude

By admin3Ps | Blogs , General , Inspiration

Do you feel blessed today? Do you live your life with a heart of gratitude? Having a gratitude filled heart can increase your personal growth, allow for forgiveness, provide hope and optimism, reduce stress, depression or anxiety and fulfill your life overall.   Some benefits of gratitude for your emotional health are being relaxed, good […]

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Jan 17

One Day or Day ONE

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Inspiration

Everyone seems to be talking about goals at this time of the year. It’s a new year, and that causes people to reflect upon where they have come from and what they wish to do next. It’s a time for drawing that line in the sand and starting anew.  I think its great for people […]

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Dec 23

Gift of Love

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Inspiration

  I want to share with you a very special gift this week. Christmas is just two days away and it’s a time of celebration, families gathering together, exchanging of gifts, sharing in food, watching the joy of a child and believing in love.   Believing in love is key as without it you lose […]

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Dec 16

Finding Joy

By Lisa | Blogs , Inspiration

  During this hectic time of year do you find joy in your daily life? The adorable giggle of a baby can bring you joy. The family sitting together at dinner and sharing their day can bring joy. Watching a movie together can bring joy. Making a craft with someone can bring joy. Reading a […]

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Sep 30

Room to Grow

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Inspiration

  Recently, my husband surprised me with a beautiful miniature rose plant. I love it when he does little things like that unexpectedly. The first thing I noticed about my new rose plant was it was in a tiny pot and though the leaves were green on top there were some that were turning yellow […]

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Feb 11

Up and Running

By Lisa | Blogs , Nature

As a graphic designer many people think that designing a web site and getting it Up and Running should be a piece of cake for me. Print media is far different from Internet design as I never found a passion for it. As I was learning a new area for each thing I wanted to […]

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Sep 06

Welcome to Purrfect Images

By Lisa | Blogs , General

  Welcome to my site Purrfect Images. As you can see I’m still fixing the place up and getting my images loaded so they can be seen. I hope with my images that you will feel inspired, at peace, joy and happiness, and overall just calm and relaxed when looking at them. I enjoy taking […]

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