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Mar 21

How to Practice Gratitude

By admin3Ps | Blogs , General , Inspiration

Do you feel blessed today? Do you live your life with a heart of gratitude? Having a gratitude filled heart can increase your personal growth, allow for forgiveness, provide hope and optimism, reduce stress, depression or anxiety and fulfill your life overall.   Some benefits of gratitude for your emotional health are being relaxed, good […]

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Feb 10

In the Middle

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Inspiration

  How many of you feel like on your current journey of life that you aren’t at the beginning or at the end, but in the middle? There are many things you could be in the middle of in your life right now. If you are ill in anyway and the tests are done and […]

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Oct 21

Twist and Turns

By Lisa | Blogs , Fall , Inspiration

  I have spoken to several people in recent weeks that have told me about the various twist and turns going on in their lives. I would have to agree that many have hit my own life in the last several months. These untimely challenges seem to zap your energy, keep you stressed out and […]

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Aug 26

Fear of Needles

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Inspiration

  There are a lot of people in this world with a fear of needles. I’m one of them. You would think though as someone with Diabetes and having to check my blood daily that it wouldn’t be a big deal to me. So very wrong! I have to psyche myself up to check my […]

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May 06

Be Still and Listen

By Lisa | Blogs , Nature

Do you know how an animal tells if there is danger around them? They become still and they listen. This beautiful lizard was enjoying the sun when I saw him and with my presence became very still and just waited to see if I was a danger to him before he made a choice to […]

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