Monthly Archives: January 2016

Jan 20

Fear Speaks

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Inspiration

  What’s Fear telling you every day? Fear reveals itself in all types of ways in your daily life. There are the obvious fears, like fear of spiders or fear of heights, but what about the other types of fears? Fear of doubt, fear of unworthiness, fear of being deserving, fear of love, fear of […]

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Jan 13

Making Progress

By Lisa | Blogs , Inspiration

  Nothing feels better than to make progress on a goal you have and knowing you did it in spite of the circumstances that came up along the way. Making a plan and knowing the steps you need to take to accomplish a goal is paramount in order to have success to meet that goal. […]

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Jan 06

A Black Crow

By Lisa | Blogs , General , Nature

  A beautiful black crow was basking in the sun with his coat shimmering from the reflections around him in the morning light. There were gusts of cold wind blowing and causing his feathers to move about so every few minutes he would shift his position, especially when it was blowing against his tail feathers […]

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